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By: admin
April 22, 2017

Cambodia School Fundraising

12086 Donated
31 Donors
$ 46000 Goal

Our vision is to build and sponsor a school, for 300 children, in a remote community called Khe Nang, in northern Cambodia. Khe Nang can be seen on Google Earth here.

The vision is to provide a free education to out-of-school children living in rural, post-conflict communities.

For the children in Khe Nang, learning to read, write and count in the national language would open up many new opportunities. It would also help these children break cycles of poverty. A school education can make a significant impact on issues around malnutrition and child marriage, as well as premature deaths in children and mothers.

The cost of building a new school in the community of Khe Nang is approximately$35K. The annual cost of running the school would be$11K. In this way, we would be helping to transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children.