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Cambodia School Fundraising

12086 Donated
31 Donors
$ 46000 Goal

Our vision is to build and sponsor a school, for 300 children, in a remote community called Khe Nang,

Please help save lives in Yemen

4950 Donated
72 Donors
$ 4950 Goal

Raising money for the crisis in Yemen for Disasters Emergency Committee because People are suffering and dying.
Yemen is

Khan Sheikhoun Evacuation

19800 Donated
62 Donors
$ 19800 Goal
Help many stranded families to safety by donating, your donation will help in the evacuation exercise.

River of Life Church of Pakistan

13030 Donated
96 Donors
$ 13000 Goal

Trying to help a group of Christians in Pakistan get the funding they need to build their church.

Empower Women to Leap to Success

41620 Donated
53 Donors
$ 69000 Goal

1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence. For homeless women it’s as high as 3 out of

Emree’s Recovery Fund

5000 Donated
36 Donors
$ 5000 Goal

Medical, and additional expenses, to help with Emree’s recovery. ❤ Any donation is considered a BLESSING!
On Thursday, April 13,

Medical Supplies for Cameroon

32715 Donated
61 Donors
$ 51731 Goal

Medical Supplies for two Clinics in Cameroon. Last year alone, 83,000 children under the age of five died